Thermal Electrical Testing

Thermal Electrical testing and Infrared testing are a common when it comes to measuring surface temperature.It’s also non-destructive, effective and convenient way to measure any potential electrical hazards.

It is also proven to be far more advanced and effective in comparison with infrared probe or thermometer.

Many insurance companies continues to seek Thermal Electrical Testing report as part of their process. Here at KO Electrical we are proud to be one of the few companies within The UK to facilitate and offer this service to our customers.

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Benefits of Thermal Electrical Testing

  • Heat buildup due to failing parts
  • Heat buildup due to loose connections
  • Heat buildup due to overloaded circuits
  • Broken or damaged cabling
  • Heat buildup due to failing cables
  • Failed underfloor heating

Although you may have carried out the relevant testing on you property, thermal reports can identify faults not accounted by means of testing as Electrical test equipment will not test temperatures. Our thermal equipment is not limited to identifying electrical faults, we can also identify water damage (leakages), Pests (potential electrical damage) and other building diagnostics.

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Shops | OfficesBest Rate Guaranteed

£ 200

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