Most homeowners are comfortable when it comes to changing a light bulb here and there. But, sometimes calling the experts is a wise decision, especially when it comes to some of the more complex problems that require attention, such as replacing electric sockets or rewiring an entire house. When it comes to hiring a professional the inclusion of Part P in 2005 made things easier for homeowners or anyone who needs to hire a qualified electrician in London.


This rule actually refers to “Approved Document P” of the electrical safety guidelines. This is part of the updated building regulations brought in by the government over recent years. The whole idea of the Part P law was not to lock out otherwise qualified people from getting work, but to encourage homeowners or anybody who is in search of an electrician in London to hire only those who are properly qualified for the job. One of the reasons for the implementation of this law was that the poor installation of wiring or fuses was the main cause of fires in homes. Keeping that in mind, the purpose of Part P is to ensure that those who are hired to deal with these situations are properly qualified for the job. .
When it comes to the best time for hiring an electrician in London, if the job is a simple one and does not require a professional or if a service you require is not mentioned in the Part P, then you should probably do it yourself, that is, if you know what you’re doing. But, if not, then it is probably best to hire a professional and not a cowboy.
The Approved Document P ensures that you will be hiring a professional every time you need a job done properly by an electrician in London.