Upgrade to LED lights | Why ?

Ever since the ESOS regulations were passed in the UK back in 2014, more and more businesses are looking to move towards energy saving opportunities that not only helps them save on their bottom line, but also helps lower their carbon footprint.

As defined by those regulations, if your business falls under the category of ‘Large Undertaking’ then you also need hire an experienced emergency electrician to replace the lights in your office with energy efficient LEDs.

upgrade to led

Auditing Your Energy

First of all, businesses need to get an energy use audit, which is mandatory. According to UK law, energy use audits are required by businesses once every four years and the information is used to determine a company’s carbon footprint.


Do Your Part

It is possible for your business not to qualify as a large undertaking, but that doesn’t mean you should act irresponsibly. You can still do your bit to save the environment by hiring an emergency electrician to replace your lighting fixtures with LEDs which are more environmentally friendly.

Few business owners realise this but something as simple as upgrading your outdated lighting can make a big difference in your monthly utility bill. Besides that, there are also many other operational benefits of making the switch to LEDs.

Since retail, commercial and industrial buildings along with cold storage facilities and warehouses are all responsible for the majority of electricity consumption, and carbon emissions in the UK, taking steps to replace the traditional lighting with LEDs is a responsible way to reduce those emissions and save on the monthly electricity bill.

Apart from that, Corporate Social Responsibility is the new buzzword that’s being used in business organisations. Keeping that in mind, using LED lights is a very visual and effective way for businesses to showcase their corporate social responsibility.