4 Things good to know for Three Phase Electrical Installation

Here’re 4 Tips that’ll help you understand some basic things regarding Three Phase Electrical Installation. For more details please contact one of our London Electricians.

Three Phase Electrical Installation KO Electrical

Fuse Box Inspection

It is not uncommon to install 3-phase electrics for industrial workshop, commercial premises (especially restaurants, takeaway, etc.) or fit out a new office as any company expands. And with new technologies coming onto the market all the time on seemingly a daily basis, commercial needs are ever changing.

Key Electrical Needs

Understanding your electrical requirements are the key. You need ascertain and understand your main electrical plan, which in most cases would cover your sockets and other plug points, in some cases it’s also useful to have few spares since it’s never enough socket points.

Rewiring with 3-phase power?

When thinking about rewiring industrial, manufacturing workshops and warehouses, please take advice from your local electrician for advice about whether 3-phase power should be installed. Although it’s reasonably more expensive to install than single-phase power, it will become more economical for two reasons. Firstly you’ll save on running costs because it uses less conductor material, meaning lower voltages in power transmission. Secondly, in the future, having three-phase will make it easier, and less expensive, for electricians to make any adjustments/additions you may need.

Difference between single-phase and three-phase?

One of the best analogies we’ve ever heard which explains the difference between single-phase and three-phase power involves an imagined canoe. If the canoe is being powered by a single person, it can only go so fast: it is only propelled forward when the paddle is physically in the water, so when the canoer lifts the paddle out of the water, the canoe is not being powered. If a canoe has three people who synchronise their strokes to ensure that at least one paddle is in the water at all times, the canoe is propelled constantly and much more efficiently through the water.


If you are about to refurbish your industrial workshop or office space, or would like to optimise your commercial electrical needs, get in touch with one of our best London electricians who can guide you through the process.