Thermal Imaging Camera | Brief

Use of Thermal Imaging Camera is very common these days, many insurance companies seek Thermal Electrical Testing report as part of their process. Most commercial or work places would be benefiting from the use of Thermal Imaging Camera.

Thermal Imaging Camera | The legal bits

The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 requests a “duty of care” on landlords and employers to maintain electrical systems to prevent danger.

Thermal imaging is a widely used method as it can identify problems that the naked eye cant and it is non-invasive or intrusive.

Thermal imaging can detect potential problems within the electrical distribution system without the need to isolate circuits.

Images can be taken of key components captured in a thermal image and a digital image.  Thermal imaging gives you the ability to carry out live testing whilst meting your obligations under legislation.

Thermal Imaging Camera KO Electrical


  • 1. Anything with joints or connectors are inevitably going to lose at least a little bit of efficiency at those locations, but with the help of a thermal imaging camera and thermal images you’ll be able to understand exactly how efficient – or inefficient, as the case may be – your internal systems actually are.

Whether it is a resident electrician or a company, any electricians need a license to perform their job. It is important to ask whether or not the man being sent to your home has a valid license.

  • 2. It’s also possible to uncover “invisible” issues that you wouldn’t have been able to spot with the naked eye – or with any other recording technology, for that matter – that may be causing you considerable harm or costing you and your organization a considerable amount of money.
  • 3. You will be able to uncover “invisible” problems that may have been costing you a considerable amount of money.

Thermal Imaging Camera | Who should carry out

This type of work must be carried out by a qualified and experienced test Engineer. We’ve a dedicated team of qualified London Electricians who’re well experienced to deliver a professional report. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras are able to remove the ‘Guess’ work with old fashioned testing method used by most London electricians. However with the advanced technology not only it’d give an accurate industry graded insights to your wiring situation but would also help you stay ticked by the insurers.