Rewiring your Home | Brief

In one of our previous blogs re: rewiring home we touched base on some nitty gritty of Rewiring your home. Here we’re going to highlight signs that indicate it’s time to rewire your home. Although you may be putting it off for quite a while but the following should be a reasonable reminder that it’s time. 1. Signs of wearing off or damage to sockets or visible wiring. 2. Plugs getting heated around the corners of the house 3. Flickering lighting or frequent failing of light bulbs 4. An out dated old fuse box that’s in need of TLC 5. Having bought more gadgets that screams out loud for more sockets rather than the 5 meter extension plug you bought of eBay or Amazon recently. REWIRING YOUR HOME

Rewiring your Home | What to consider?

A professional rewiring of your home would require an Emergency Electrician or a professional London Electrician (or your local ones) to come and do a short survey. After the survey they’d be able to give you an estimate for the costs. Now, mind it this isn’t your usual one day electrician hire cost you may be tempted to assume, although it can depending on the size of your property but most cases it can take between couple weeks to month.

If your house is rewired few decades ago (as of 2017) then probabilities are that it’s done with Aluminium wire. Aluminium wires has tendency to heat up much faster than copper wires. After a thorough periodic survey of your property your London Electrician ( or your local electrician) would ascertain the type of wiring in place, they’d also provide an electrical safety certificate which is known as Electrical Installation condition report.


This is usually a good practice to re-check the wiring condition of your house every decade or so. A professional London Electrician or your Local electrician would be your first point of contact in breaking the odds whether the signs are good enough to invest in rewiring your home.