Hiring an electrician in London is common for homeowners and residents in London. But, often times, people end up paying more than is required for a job simply because they have no knowledge of the value of the work that is being done or how much is the cost. The following are some of the information you will need to know about electrical jobs that are done in London to estimate a cost or know what to expect in the bill.


Replacing a Light Fixture

Most electricians in London will have a minimum charge for small jobs which is often the rate for one hour, while other may charge a call out fee for doing small jobs, which means you need to discuss the rates up front before the work begins.

Performing an Electrical Inspection Report

The time which is taken for an electrical inspection  report usually includes the inspection of the property along with a couple of hours to write up the report. A professional electrical testing is very essential in most cases.

Replacing a Consumer Unit

When it comes to installations a good retailer will always include electrical testing and installation as part of their service. But, if you do need to get an electrician in London (if you’re in London, obviously!)  to do the job for you, then if any faults are found during the testing period could take some extra time in order to diagnose the problems and some more time to fix them.

Installation of an Electrical Shower

It is no secret that fitting an electric shower requires both electrical and plumbing skills. While some electricians are also qualified in plumbing work, if you do hire the services of such as electrician you will have to pay more than the normal charge. However, if you do hire an electrician who does not know any plumbing work you will have to hire a plumber separately.