Hiring an Electrician? 5 things you should do

When it comes to hiring an electrician most people call up emergency electricians when they are faced with short circuits, or when they see sparks coming out of plugs and sockets. Additionally, if a large electrical appliance such as a refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner or heater breaks down, electricians are the go to experts. 

5 Things you should always do


  • 1. Ask about their License

Whether it is a resident electrician or a company, any electricians need a license to perform their job. It is important to ask whether or not the man being sent to your home has a valid license.

  • 2. Inquire about their education and training

While most local electricians are well trained, it is necessary that they stay updated with the ever changing world of electronics and technology. For example, if you want to hire an electrician to set up the latest home security system, it would be a good idea to ask him if he has done such a project before, or if he has received enough training to be able to figure things out.

  • 3. Question their experience

An electrician with no experience is likely to get things wrong and cause damage to the wiring or appliances. You can ask the company to send you somebody with more experience, if you feel that the job to be done is difficult and should be done with care.

  • 4. Check if their specialisation fits your needs

Different electricians and electrical engineers specialise in different electrical fields. Some may work on renovations, others on home appliances, or circuitry. It would be ideal if the electrician you are hiring is specialized in the job that you want to hire them for.

  • 5. Always ask about warranty

Professional electricians will offer warranty for both parts and labour just to show that they are confident about doing the job in the right way. If your chosen electrician offers similar warranties, you can go ahead and hire them without fail.