Emergency Electrician in London | Electrical Fixes you could DIY

The electrical wiring, circuits or appliances at your home may malfunction over time and although it is recommended that you call an emergency electrician in London (or your local emergency electrician) immediately, there are certain low-risk issues that you can fix by yourself if an electrician is unavailable, or even if you just want to try your hand at fixing electrical issues. But be careful when doing electrical  DYI.


Fixes you can carry out

  • 1. Power outrage

    In case of a power outage (the kind that happens via the electricity provider because of bad weather, power shortage, etc..), check the voltage of the electrical appliances that are still connected to open switches. This will help you determine if there is a fault in any of your appliances, after which you can call an emergency electrician in London (or your local emergency electrician) to check it out for you. Note: Do not check the voltage if you have power outage because of a short circuit as it can be dangerous.

  • 2. Replacing switch

    If you want to replace a switch in your home, you can do this by yourself if you have enough electrical knowledge or by watching online tutorials. Since different areas have different electrical codes, you need to be aware of the code your apartment or locality follows so you wire your switches correctly.

  • 3. Circuit tripping

    If a specific Fuse or Circuit has tripped due to voltage overload, then you can check if the fault is in the circuit by inserting a wire of a working light bulb into the switch. Make sure you are wearing safety gloves when doing so. If the bulb lights, then the problem is probably in the circuit. Try turning the voltage on using the main switch – does it make the circuit work again? If not, it’s best you call a local emergency electrician in London (or your local emergency electrician).

  • Summary

    If you put your mind to it, there are lots of electrical issues you can fix yourself, but electricity can be dangerous and so in most cases, it’s best not to take any risks while doing electrical DYI and let an expert (emergency electrician) do the job for you.