Electrician Scam | what to avoid ?

Electrician scam in London (or elsewhere) is not uncommon. It might be the installation of a new ceiling fan or an air conditioner in the summer, or setting up a central heating system for the winter months; you will find that hiring an electrician is inevitable for all such jobs. While most London electricians (or any good local electrician) are skilled and have received proper training, it is possible for you to get scammed by conmen. Not only will this be a waste of money, but an untrained electrician can leave behind a job that results in an electrocution, or damages your electrical appliances.


Things you should never do

  • 1. Avoid hiring people without a reference

    If nobody remembers the good job that the electrician has done, then there are chances that they might not have done any. It is always safer to hire local London electricians (or any local electrician) from referred companies than to trust independent workers. It’s also good to check if the electrician has any reviews from third party reviewing companies, as an example view our reviews here from reviews.co.uk.

  • 2. Do not pay in advance

    It is never a good idea to give full payment to your electrician before the work is done. They might disappear and leave things incomplete, or if they are dishonest, they might damage an appliance, only to demand more money to fix it up later. It is also useful to check their terms and conditions , rates before hiring them.

  • 3. Special offers and packages are red signals

    If an electrician offers to fix your circuit as well as install your heater for ‘discounted rates’, then they might be ripping you off by charging you more than usual. One reason why unprofessional electricians are in the trade is because they know how to sell their service. If your electrician is charging extremely low rates, then there is a good chance that they may not know their trade too well.

  • 4. Avoid costly and time-consuming jobs

    If an electrician is suggesting that you rewire your house, or that a job is costly and may take a lot of time, it is best to ask other electricians for a second opinion. The electrician may be trying to trick you, and it is best that you don’t agree or pay them to fix a problem you didn’t realise or notice before their arrival. What you should do before hiring an electrician is to search on well reputed companies that offer electrical services. We advise you to hire only professional and well reputed electricians so that you and your family remain safe and you don’t have to worry about spending more money than needed.