Are you a foreigner | immigrant wanting to be an Electrician in London, especially after the EU referendum? Worry not! London has your back as this is one of those places that are known for the opportunity they provide to people from around the globe having different expertise. The good thing is that these prospects go way beyond the traditional engineering and medical areas. With the growing demand for electricians, London is the place that has been focusing on several standardised courses in order to make sure they maintain the quality of electrical services.


The prerequisite

There are different types of electricians, but if you want to become one, there are certain basic skills that you are bound to have. These include maintenance skills, installation techniques, and certain minor construction work etc. If you are in England, and look forward to become a great electrician, London might just be the place for you. There are low-cost specialization programs available here that allow you to learn some of the basics of this field prior to stepping in the market.

An alternative solution

If you don’t want to enrol in a professional technician’s program, you can always work under a certified electrician in London and learn directly under his supervision. Alternately, you may also go for certain certifications like the NAPIT.

A great opportunity for foreigners

England provides a great opportunity to electricians around the world. For those professionals who are recognized by a dedicated body in their country, they can practice here by getting an Electro-technical Certification Scheme (ECS) card. However, to receive this permit, foreign electricians would need to pass a short ECS Health and Safety exam. The passing margin for this test is eighty five percent or above. In case you are looking for a great electrician, KO Electrical of London Electricians 24/7 is the one you should contact . .