Electrical DIY : The Flip side
Electrical DIY is trending these days. With Wiki How tutorials to YouTube videos, the internet is full of step-by-step guides for almost everything. There is a pride that comes with being able to do things yourself. But where electrical jobs are concerned, you might want to leave that to an electrician, since doing them yourself could prove harmful to you and your family. Here are some jobs that you should NEVER attempt on your own:
Replacing Wires
Replacing, repairing or adding wires in a building can be dangerous and may cause fires. Also, building codes keep changing from time to time and you might not be updated with them. It’s best to leave the job to an electrician from a registered company so that you don’t need to worry about paying for the damage caused by your Electrical DIY project going horribly wrong!
Replacing or Repairing Circuit Breakers
Working with circuit breakers can prove to be trickier than it seems. If circuit breakers aren’t installed properly, chances of short circuits and fires increase, which can be extremely dangerous. This is why this job should be done by licensed electricians who know how to install the circuits correctly and use the breakers appropriately.
Replacing the Type of Wall Outlet
Although it is possible to change the type of power outlet in your home as your electrical DIY attempt if you ensure that the power is off and the power types you are replacing are alike, upgrading an outlet underground to one that is grounded and replacing a RCD switch, HAS to be done by a licensed Electrician. Adding a grounded outlet without one being present underground can be extremely dangerous, so it’s best not to risk it with an Electrical DIY.

While it might seem more economical to do these jobs yourself, the potential harm involved should make you consider hiring an experienced London (or your Local) electrician to do the work for you.!

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