Here’re simple 4 Tips on how to save energy bills. Electricity is necessary to maintain the lifestyle that we live in today and it is everybody’s responsibility to avoid wasting energy for environmental reasons. Also, the fact that it will save you on electricity bills is rather motivating.


Use Energy efficient appliances

If you are looking to buy an electrical appliance, make sure you buy appliances that are electrically efficient and have energy efficient rating. This will prove to be a long term investment as it will save you a lot of money on electricity bills. If you can afford it, you should also consider updating your old appliances to ones that have energy efficient rating, so you can rest assure that your new appliances will be more energy efficient than the ones you’ve replaced.

Switching to Energy saving bulbs

Light bulbs are among the most used electrical devices in homes which mean that they also use a lot of electrical energy. A good way to reduce the energy consumption of light bulbs is by replacing them with energy savers which use 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. You should also avoid using halogen light bulbs and use LED light bulbs instead since they are more energy efficient. Replacing just one 60W incandescent with a CFL bulb (the most common style of energy-saving light bulb) can reduce your electricity bill by around £7 a year, so replacing 10 light bulbs with energy-savers could save you £70 a year. LED bulbs are even more efficient than CFLs and save almost £7.50 per bulb per year. LEDs usually cost more to buy initially but have incredibly long life expectancies, so you may not need to replace them for up to 30 years. Halogen bulbs are the least efficient, so you’re unlikely to notice any reduction in your energy bill.

Switch it off when you don’t need it

The best way to save energy is to limit its use. You should turn off the switches of appliances like the television, game console, dvd or blue ray player, washing machine and microwave oven when you are not using it. Do not keep your charger plugged on an open switch all the time. You should also avoid keeping too many outdoor lights turned on and remember to turn them off early in the morning to avoid wastage of electricity. The best way to save on outdoor or indoor lights are by installing ‘motion sensor’ lighting. If your neighbor’s cat is too often in your garden then you may have to weigh the options for ‘motion sensor’ lighting in your garden.

Let an emergency electrician inspect your home

A problem in the internal wiring of your home may result in you receiving higher voltage which can be dangerous and result in you getting a higher electricity bill. An emergency electrician in London (or your local electrician) will give you tips to make your home more energy efficient. Working with electrical appliances can be dangerous and so it is best to leave it to a pro.