Professional Electrical Testing : When and Why it matters?
Professional Electrical Testing should never be avoided. Household accidents due to faulty electrical wiring or open circuits are common, and electrical faults can occur after certain periods of time. DIY Electrical testing around the house and trying to make repairs can be dangerous and may do more harm than good. This is why most people prefer hiring qualified (wheather NAPIT or NICEIC certified, click here to view the differences)and professional electricians to carry out electrical testing. So when should you carry out a professional electrical testing ?
When the Lights Start Flickering
Ignoring a flickering light bulb is not a good idea, as it could possibly be because of a voltage fluctuation. This can lead to serious issues like short circuits, and even a fire, which is why a professional electrician should be called to examine the wiring inside your house immediately. Read here more about Thermal Imaging test and why this is now recommended.
When Your Electricity Bill Costs More than Usual
Faulty electrical appliances, such as heater and boiler, cause a great load to the power meter, which can result in an extremely high electricity bill. In such a scenario, you may not be able to figure out the source of the problem on your own. However, a professional electrician will tell you about the fault during an inspection.
Electrical Outlet Feels Warm or Sparks
Sparks from an electrical outlet could be because of water exposure, a short circuit or because of equipment that is too old for safe usage. Trying to do these repairs by yourself can result in electrocution and therefore, it is best to let a quialified electrician to do it for you.
Before You Decide to Buy a House

The property you intend to purchase should be safe for you and your family. Faults in the internal wiring, open circuits, or power outlets that have been exposed to water in the kitchen, bathroom or the swimming pool, can be dangerous. Before moving in, it is recommended that you carry out a Professional electrical testing inspected by professional electricians so you don’t have to worry about electrical mishaps later on.

There is indeed, no place like home, as homes give us a sense of safety and security. As most household electrical accidents in the UK occur due to faulty plugs and sockets, why compromise on the safety of your household by delaying an electrical inspection? If you need more support or looking for expert Emergency Electricians please get in touch. Our team of best London Electricians will be with you in no time.