Emergency Electricians | Preventing electrical problems

By February 16, 2016Electrical safety
With so many electrical appliances at home, people these days are always at a risk of electrical emergencies. And while electrical problems can occur anytime, they can cause lots of problems and damage. Emergency electricians know of the situations that cause electrical emergencies and they can be avoided if one takes the necessary precautions needed to avoid these situations. Here are some simple things you can do to prevent electrical emergencies at home, click here to read a list of 15 things you should know when it comes to electrical safety. 

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Do not put too many plugs on an extension cord

The extension cord may have many sockets but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all at the same time. Over plugging may pull too much current and it could cause a short circuit which can damage the extension cord, the appliances which were attached to it, or cause an electric fire.

Do not attempt to do complex wiring on your own

You may have watched a few tutorials online, but it is a better idea to let a professional emergency electrician in London do tricky jobs like fixing your hot tub, setting up a temperature control system, or setting up a security system. Here’s a guide on Electrical DIY you should avoid. 

Take care of frayed wires and loose/open switchboards

If you notice that the wires of your fridge, television, iron box or any other electrical appliances coming out of their casing, you should cover them immediately with duct tape to avoid any chances of electrocution. If you see switchboards becoming loose, cover the corners with duct tape or if there is an empty space in the wall that has wires inside, you should cover that area with cardboard to avoid accidents.

Schedule regular electrical inspection

To ensure there are no issues with the internal wiring of your home, to make sure that the voltage you get is according to safety levels and to see if the electricity meter is working properly, you should get your home inspected by an emergency electrician. A thorough electrical inspection will tell you if your circuits are working properly and if your appliances are being electrically efficient. An emergency electrician will also be able to tell you if something can possibly cause problems in the future that you should take care of. Here’s a guide on when to call an emergency electrician.  When it comes to electrical safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry.