Electrical Installation Condition Report KO Electrical1

Electrical Installation Condition Report

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Electrical Installation Condition Report | things to know It’s common for the insurance companies to ask you to have your electrical installation condition report or installation report handy.  In most...
Three Phase Electrical Installation KO Electrical

Three Phase Electrical Installation

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4 Things good to know for Three Phase Electrical Installation Here’re 4 Tips that’ll help you understand some basic things regarding Three Phase Electrical Installation. For more details please contact one of our...
Thermal Imaging Camera KO Electrical

Thermal Imaging Camera | should you?

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Thermal Imaging Camera | Brief Use of Thermal Imaging Camera is very common these days, many insurance companies seek Thermal Electrical Testing report as part of their process. Most commercial...
Carbon Monoxide Alarm KO Electrical

Carbon Monoxide Alarm | Why should you have one?

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm | Brief Carbon Monoxide Alarm are as important as your Fire Alarm, shockingly enough more than two thirds home in The UK doesn’t have Carbon Monoxide Alarm...

Rewiring your Home | 5 signs that it’s time

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Rewiring your Home | Brief In one of our previous blogs re: rewiring home we touched base on some nitty gritty of Rewiring your home. Here we’re going to highlight...
5 energy saving tips

5 Energy Saving Tips

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5 Energy Saving Tips you should know Here’re 5 energy saving Tips that’ll help you save and also protect the environment. There are plenty more, get in touch with one...
upgrade to led

Upgrade to LED | Your Business needs it

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Upgrade to LED lights | Why ? Ever since the ESOS regulations were passed in the UK back in 2014, more and more businesses are looking to move towards energy...
Rewiring home

Rewiring Home ?

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Rewiring Home? | Do You Need an Emergency Electrician Whether or not your home needs rewiring is a good question to ask. As the safety standards in the UK have...
Radiator repair

Radiator Repair | DIY ?

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Radiator Repair | should you DIY ? Is Radiator DIY on your mind? It may be best to leave it to the experts. A typical household in the UK spends...

Hire Emergency Electrician | Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

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Hire Emergency Electrician | Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting There are many reasons why one would need to hire an emergency electrician in London (or elsewhere). One of those reasons...

Calling an Emergency Electrician | When shall you?

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There are times when an emergency electrician is not required. You should avoid DIY except in some case where you feel comfortable. But when the problem seems bigger than what you can...
emergency electricians what do they do

Emergency Electricians | What do they do?

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What are they? Think of a world without emergency electricians. What would we do without emergency electricians that save our lives when we have to deal with different problems related...

How much should You Pay an Electrician in London?

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Hiring an electrician in London is common for homeowners and residents in London. But, often times, people end up paying more than is required for a job simply because they...

When to Hire an Electrician in London?

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Most homeowners are comfortable when it comes to changing a light bulb here and there. But, sometimes calling the experts is a wise decision, especially when it comes to some...

Electrician London | referendum after-shock?

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Are you a foreigner | immigrant wanting to be an Electrician in London, especially after the EU referendum? Worry not! London has your back as this is one of those places...

Electricians in London | an eye opener

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When it comes to hire electricians in London there are plenty of options available. Some electricians offer their services at cheaper rates while others charge highly for their work. However,...
electrical diy

Workplace electrical risks

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Workplace Electrical Risks All those who work near or around energised equipment are at an increased risk of electrical hazards. You can ask any good London electrician (or your local...

Hiring Qualified Electrician | The secret

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Hiring qualified Electrician may be quite straight forward but there're certain things you should be aware of. Electrical services are required whenever new homes or offices are constructed. Good London Electricians,...
emergency electricians-safety-tips

Emergency Electricians | Preventing electrical problems

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With so many electrical appliances at home, people these days are always at a risk of electrical emergencies. And while electrical problems can occur anytime, they can cause lots of...

4 Tips on how to save energy bills

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Here're simple 4 Tips on how to save energy bills. Electricity is necessary to maintain the lifestyle that we live in today and it is everybody’s responsibility to avoid wasting...

Emergency Electrician in London | What Electrical Fixes can you DIY

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Emergency Electrician in London | Electrical Fixes you could DIYThe electrical wiring, circuits or appliances at your home may malfunction over time and although it is recommended that you call...

Calling Emergency Electricians in London : 4 Reasons why should you

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Calling Emergency Electricians in LondonElectrical systems require timely upgrading or repair, no matter if your home is old or recently built in London. It is necessary to keep up with...

Electrician Scam | 4 Things you should avoid

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Electrician Scam | what to avoid ? Electrician scam in London (or elsewhere) is not uncommon. It might be the installation of a new ceiling fan or an air conditioner...

Hiring an Electrician? 5 things you (perhaps) never knew.

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Hiring an Electrician? 5 things you should do When it comes to hiring an electrician most people call up emergency electricians when they are faced with short circuits, or when...

Good London Electrician | What is the recipe for Success?

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Good London Electrician : What is the recipe for Success? Just as food powers our body, electricity powers the lives we live in today’s age of advancement and technology. And...
electrical diy

Electrical DIY : Why you should not

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Electrical DIY : The Flip side Electrical DIY is trending these days. With Wiki How tutorials to YouTube videos, the internet is full of step-by-step guides for almost everything. There...
Professional electrical testing Circuit testimg

Professional Electrical testing : When and Why it matters?

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Professional Electrical Testing : When and Why it matters? Professional Electrical Testing should never be avoided. Household accidents due to faulty electrical wiring or open circuits are common, and electrical...

Difference between NAPIT and NICEIC Electricians

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What is the difference between NAPIT electrician and NICEIC Electrician? Let’s explore what is the government legislation within the Electrical trade and then we will explore further. “Part P” is an electrical...
Difference between Ring Circuit and Radial Circuit

Difference between Ring Circuit and Radial Circuit

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Difference between Ring Circuits and Radial Circuits Let's look in to what is the Difference between Ring Circuit and Radial Circuit.Although it is quite easy to get confused but let's make it...
what is a fuse box main-switch

What is a Fuse box?

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What is a fuse box?A fuse box, also known as a consumer unit, should always be easy to find. It is where the electricity in your home is controlled and...

Guide to Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)

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What are Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)?Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are designed to protect against overloads and short-circuits, preventing damage to cables and equipment. MCBs are installed in modern Consumer Units as...

Electrical Safety Tips : 15 things you should know

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Electrical Safety tipsMost of us take electricity for granted as an easy way to power our homes but we should also be aware of the dangers. Things you should never...

RCD : 4 Things you should know about better electrical protection

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1. What is an RCD?An RCD or Residual Current Device is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something...